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Spring Skincare Tips for 2021


Springtime Skincare Routine - Lumora Skin


Phew - spring 2021 has finally arrived! (Longer days, sunshine and springtime fashion...sign us up all year round!)

As excited as we are, the change in weather does mean more than just a change in clothing. It may take a little time to acclimatise and if we aren't careful, our skin may end up suffering.

However, with a little bit of preparation, we can prepare our skin to glow all through the season.

To help you achieve this, we've put together some handy tips so that you can prevent any unexpected breakouts or flare ups in advance and maintain that radiant, healthy glow that we love to see. 

1. Hydrate hydrate hydrate

Hydration is key to keeping the skin prepared for changes in temperature. 

To manage this, make sure you drink the recommended 6-8 glasses of water per day and moisturise regularly as part of your morning and nightly skincare routine.

For bonus hydration points, we'd also recommend keeping a Facial Mister handy to boost hydration throughout the day.

With the Lumora Skin Revitalising Facial Mister, you can keep track of your skin's moisture levels throughout the day to make sure it doesn't dry up - preventing breakouts and keeping that fresh, dewy look all day long. 

2. SPF is your new bestie

Warmer weather inevitably means more exposure to the sun (and who could blame us?!).

High sun exposure is known to damage the skin cells and to avoid this, we recommend using a moisturiser or sunscreen with an SPF level of 15 or higher during springtime. 

One trend we love to see catching on is carrying your skincare products wherever you go.

With the Lumora Skin Travel Bottle, you can keep your moisturiser, sun screen and other creams handy without taking up too much space or risking them leaking inside your bag.


Lumora Skin Travel Bottle

3. Don't skip exfoliation!

It's common for skin to become dry, flaky and dull in the winter. 

Exfoliating the skin allows the dead skin cells to be shed revealing a fresher, brighter layer of skin.

This also allows the nutrients from your skincare products to be absorbed more easily, which allows for better nourishment of the skin. 

We recommend exfoliating regularly to get rid of dead skin cells and this is especially important when spring arrives - think of it like spring cleaning for your face!

Using a gentle exfoliator on a regular basis is the best approach to keep your skin soft, clear and fresh. We recommend using a Sonic Cleansing Brush so that you can gently cleanse, exfoliate and massage the skin at the same time.  

4. Exercise

Regular exercise is great for your overall health but also has specific benefits the skin!

By boosting blood flow and circulation, exercise aids detoxification and brightens the complexion.

What's more, sweating expels dirt and oil from inside the pores, which leads to clearer skin and prevents breakouts.

Just be sure to cleanse and tone the skin after your workout. Our favourite skincare routine following an exercise session looks something like this:

  1. Use a Facial Steamer for 5-10 minutes
  2. Rinse your face with cold water
  3. Apply a toner followed by a moisturiser or serum
  4. Use a cold Facial Roller to close the pores and soothe the skin


Rose Quartz Skincare Tools - Lumora Skin


With these easy steps you can spring-clean your beauty routine to achieve glowing, radiant skin all through the season. 

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