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Facial Rollers: The Scoop on Sculpting

Facial Rollers: The Scoop on Sculpting - Lumora Skin

The Ins & Outs of Facial Rolling

Crystal facial rollers and gua sha scraping tools have taken the world by storm in the recent years.

Made typically from jade, rose quartz or another crystal, these tools provide a multitude of benefits to the skin. 

These include: stimulation of the lymphatic system to remove toxins; easing muscle tension; reducing puffiness (especially around the eyes) and stimulating blood-flow.

Massaging the rollers over the skin (always with an oil or serum for slip) is key to draining excess fluid from the face and, with regular use, will tone and lift the skin.

Facial Rollers: The Scoop on Sculpting - Lumora Skin

How Does it Work?

When used with a face mask, oil or serum, facial rollers and gua sha tools help these products penetrate deep into the skin and boost their absorption

This, in combination with stimulation of blood flow, increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, leaving the skin bright and glowing.

Sculpting the face with the rollers - always in outward motions - also drains fluid and provides a deep tissue massage.

The natural semi-precious gemstones also stay naturally cold, which reduces inflammation and redness and helps to soothe, tone and depuff the skin. 

Many people store their rollers in the fridge to enhance this benefit

Facial Rollers: The Scoop on Sculpting - Lumora Skin

How to Use a Facial Roller

Step 1: Liberally apply a serum, face oil, moisturiser or mask to a freshly cleansed face.

Step 2: Start at the forehead, apply gentle pressure using the large roller and begin rolling, using upward and outward movements. Do this 5 times from each starting point. 

Step 3: Do the same using the smaller roller around the eyes, nose and lips. Close your eyes and roll gently over your eyelids if you have puffy eyes or bags under your eyes.

Step 4: After 5 minutes of rolling, remove excess product with a cleansing brush. Apply a serum and moisturiser as normal.

Step 5: Use the Gua Sha scraping tool in the same way as you used the roller and on any area of your body from which you would like to relieve pressure. Apply oil, press gently but firmly and move in an outward motion.

Tip: Store your Facial Roller and Gua Sha tool in the fridge to provide extra cooling and soothing effects to the skin.

Facial Rollers: The Scoop on Sculpting - Lumora Skin

Crystal Meanings

The stones are also thought to hold mystical and healing properties, for example protecting from negative energies or bringing good luck.

You can read more about the different properties of each stone here

Facial Rollers: The Scoop on Sculpting - Lumora Skin

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